A biography of the life and writing career of james thurber

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A biography of the life and writing career of james thurber

A biography of the life and writing career of james thurber

Thurber pioneered an urbane and sophisticated style of humor that was markedly different from the bucolic, provincial, and often self-conscious American humor of the nineteenth century and that was far more appropriate to the complex, anxiety-ridden America being thrust into world leadership in the twentieth century.

Throughout his life, he often wrote about his memories of his early Ohio years. At age seven, Thurber was shot in the left eye by an arrow while playing cowboys and Indians with his two brothers. Through a sympathetic reaction, his right eye eventually became affected, and he became totally blind forty years later.

His impaired vision prevented him from enjoying normal childhood activities; instead, he developed a rich fantasy life and became addicted to reading and watching motion pictures. Thurber attended Ohio State University but did not graduate.

At college he was introduced to the highly polished fiction of Henry James, who became his most important literary influence. Scott Fitzgerald, and E. He returned to Columbus inwhere he became a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch and a regional correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor.

Later inhe became a staff member of the New York Evening Post. Thurber married Althea Adams in He and Althea led a vagabond life while he was struggling to survive as a reporter and freelance writer in Columbus, Paris, and New York. However, Thurber and Althea were temperamentally incompatible, and they were divorced in Thurber married Helen Wismer, who remained with him for the rest of his life and became indispensable as a companion and literary assistant as his vision deteriorated.

On February 19,the eccentric genius Harold W. On the recommendation of E.

A biography of the life and writing career of james thurber

White, Thurber was hired as managing editor. However, he soon proved his managerial incompetence and was allowed to work with White as a staff writer. He had, however, developed the habit of doodling.

The fact that they appeared to be so amateurish was a large part of their charm. They usually looked something like bloodhounds and wore a brooding, troubled look, as if they were puzzled by the eccentric humans with whom they were forced to live.

His dogs were as famous in his time as Snoopy, the happy-go-lucky beagle who originated in the Peanuts comic strip, was to become in later years. This added income helped The entire section is 2, words.James Grover Thurber was born in in Columbus, Ohio. He began his career as a reporter for the Columbus Evening Dispatch.

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He became known for his work on The New Yorker, where he was a writer and a cartonist. which kept him out of the military.

He was totally blind for the last 26 years of his life, but was able to continue writing by. James Thurber was an American cartoonist best known for his contributions to The New Yorker magazine.

initiativeblog.com recounts his influential initiativeblog.com: Dec 08, Examine the life, times, and work of James Thurber through detailed author biographies on eNotes. James Thurber Additional Biography.

Homework Help Thurber began his writing career as a.

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The Thurber Letters: The Wit, Wisdom, and Surprising Life of James Thurber, (ed. Harrison Kinney, with Rosemary A. Thurber) ISBN Short stories [ edit ] This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. James Thurber Biography, Life, Interesting Facts Author and cartoonist James Thurber was born on the 8 December in Columbus, Ohio.

His father, Charles Thurber, was a clerk in the civil service and his mother, Mary Fisher Thurber had a strong influence on his writing.

Known for his hilarious stories and cartoons, James Thurber was an American cartoonist and writer who worked during the middle of the twentieth.

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