A discussion on medias bombing after the 2016 presidential elections in the us

Representatives of the human rights organizations described the problems regarding the prevention of torture and talked about their struggle against torture with special emphasis on the "statute of limitation" for cases of torture and ill-treatment. Moreover, brief statements were made by representatives of the Istanbul Medical Chamber and the Turkish Medical Association.

A discussion on medias bombing after the 2016 presidential elections in the us

A discussion on medias bombing after the 2016 presidential elections in the us

Problematic expressions section[ edit ] I have several issues with the current "Notable expressions, phrases, and statements" sections and I believe it should be removed from this article, but I thought I'd give other editors an opportunity to voice their thoughts.

In all honestly, I am disappointed that it was even necessary to take this to the talk page per the policy violations outlined below. This is the original version: Drain the swamp — A phrase Donald Trump invoked late in the campaign to describe what needs to be done to fix problems in the federal government.

Nov 03,  · Using Statistics to Predict the Presidential Election.” _____ As you watch React to what you see. Facebook Watch is a new platform on Facebook that is available on mobile, desktop, laptop and on television apps. UN News produces daily news content in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and weekly programmes in Hindi, Urdu and Bangla. Our multimedia service, through this new integrated single platform, updates throughout the day, in text, audio and video – also making use of quality images and other media from across the UN system.

Trump acknowledged that the phrase was suggested to him, and he was initially skeptical about using it Fake News — stories that are untrue. Trump has used the expression to refer to stories that he does not like.

Feel the Bern — a phrase chanted by supporters of the Bernie Sanders campaign which was officially adopted by his campaign. Grab them by the pussy — a remark made by Trump in a private conversation which was recorded by a hot mic and released during the campaign.

By saying this remark, Trump intended to boast how as a celebrity he can do things namely grab women by their genitalia that non-celebrities cannot.

All of these are memorable to some degree, but the largest problem with this list is how it is a trivia section in an encyclopedia where what constitutes notability becomes subjective and sources for them would exist more as day-to-day political drama news that WP: This very literally just a list of sound bites.

As-is, it's very easy to think of random phrases that I could add if I wanted to. Donald Trump's "total and complete shutdown of Muslims" quote became very controversial Bernie Sanders spoke ad-nauseum about the "hand-full of billionaires. Hillary Clinton regularly said "Stronger Together!

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Jill Stein supporters used "Jill, not Hill" as a de-facto campaign slogan. That's essentially what this section is; even the phrases that gathered enough RS sources to pass GNG and gain their own articles shouldn't be assembled into a random list of sound bite trivia because it gives undue weight to a very minor part of the article covering the election itself.

This section is highly problematic and should be removed. Remove section per WP: Some of these expressions have become embedded in everyday language, and are still resonating well after the campaign has ended.

I will restore the contents, except for "Birdie Sanders" which is truly anecdotal and "Small hands" which is derogatory. I'm on the fence regarding "What is Aleppo? Feel free to seek consensus to remove others, preferably one at a time.Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. — Interview par Régis le Sommier, Paris Match n o novembre , p.

↑ Ben Harper sur initiativeblog.com ↑ (en) Stokely Carmichael, «"Black Power" speech». Presidential Debates I can’t live in the past,’” Reines explained of the grief process he worked through after the election. “But that got harder to do, because the. This article was written for the Unz Review “Do you think his assessment is accurate?” was the subject line of an email I got from a good friend recently.

The email referred to the article by Paul Craig Roberts “One Day Tomorrow Won’t Arrive” which claimed that “the US military is now second class compared to the Russian military“. Others in the media, which almost surprises me, because they're dishonest also, were presented with this story by this woman numerous times and they got very excited, but after seeing the evidence.

A discussion on medias bombing after the 2016 presidential elections in the us

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