Amazon case study: a major business who buy and sell products online essay

Amazon is high technology geared company. Also, they have changed their focus on becoming more innovative and releasing new products such as Amazon Prime option and Amazon cloud reader. Lately, besides kindle e-reader product, Amazon released the Echo, which is a new technology that works as a voice activated tool to accomplish variety of tasks that are related to the internet. This is a great progress for Amazon Inc because their direction of development for Amazon is leading to build a strong competitive advantage over other competitors.

Amazon case study: a major business who buy and sell products online essay

Critically examine the relationship and the need for compatibility between corporate strategic and functional management policies.

Amazon Case study | Essay Example

Analyse the internal and external influences on corporate objectives and strategy. Demonstrate the need for flexibility in strategic management and the practical limits of quantifying corporate strategy.

The organization has cloud services as well and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. In the United States, Amazon is the biggest internet-based retailer Klaus In this report, strategic choices that Amazon has taken will be discussed through internal and external analysis, competitive strategy, strategic choice and strategy evaluation.

Corporate Objectives Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in the year and sold its first book in After that, the organization became one of the largest e-commerce giant in internet retail world.

The corporate values of the organization include customer obsession, innovation, bias for action and leveraging commitment Amazon. The organization allocates a lot of information from target market and finally introduces wide range of daily products in cheap price.

Amazon has its scope of expansion in developing countries, especially in India. Amazon Revenue Earning Source: This is because the organization has developed itself to a huge extent and provides numerous range of product for each category, which will not be supported by any new e-commerce company.

On the other hand, Reid pointed out that auction websites are competitive enough for Amazon such as eBay, Ubid. Bargaining Power of Customer According to Irani and Silbermanwith high bargaining power of consumer, Amazon has to keep competitive pricing strategy.

On the other hand, Bao and Chang pointed out that Amazon has very less overhead costs as it operates only through online. Amazon has huge customer centric tactics that has resulted in reducing its negative publicity.

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Bargaining power of Supplier Armstrong et al. Furthermore, Scott pointed out that Amazon gives the opportunities to local entrepreneurs and new business to expand their sales through online platform.

Amazon currently hasemployees and more than million registered clients. Some of the human resource policies that this organization enlists are employee empowerment, career choices, pay to quit and virtual contact center. On the other hand, Lafferty and Edmondson pointed out that the organization has the widest range of supply chain.

This consists of local entrepreneurs, retail business sector and IT sector products, which indicates Amazon has the top range products in its market.

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As a result, the organization has created itself as the benchmark for other organizations in terms of cost cutting and product diversification.Responding to State Sales Tax Laws for Online Retailers-A Case Study of Amazon and The States.

Journal of Applied Business Research, 28(6), p Mata, F.J.

Amazon case study: a major business who buy and sell products online essay

and Quesada, A., Aug 25,  · Amazon Vs. Walmart: Clash Of The Titans. This is a challenge when you choose products and assortments based on emotion, intuition and a fear-driven management style. gives it .

Amazon Case Study.

Amazon case study: a major business who buy and sell products online essay

Abstract Following the increase in competition in both the global and local marketplaces for almost every product, one can easily observe a consequent increase of different products in the market which lead to short product life cycles.

Similarly, Amazon’s EC2 can reduce business overhead as companies can host software directly on Amazon servers. Todd Pacific Shipyards Makes Effective Use of Information Systems 1. The Time Tracking application is already linked to project management, payroll, accounts payable and employees’ time and work assignments.

As I have seen over the past few years, Amazon has come from a web site allowing people to buy and sell products to this multi-layer complex machine, it will be interesting to see this plan develop. As history has shown several people and companies is that .

This is a academic level case study on information systems, business strategies and e-CRM system used by Amazon for their online activities. Amazon for their e-commerce activities uses number of.

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