Amber brown book report

Paperback While Paula Danziger should be praised for writing about real-life situations and the difficult decisions children sometimes face, it would be better if she would focus her writing on her reader audience, children.

Amber brown book report

No matter what she does, it's not enough. She straightens up her room, sort of. Her mother wants it clean and is willing to keep her "captive" until it is in order.

Amber does her homework, well, some of it. Her teacher wants it all and on time. And as if that's not enough, Amber's got to meet Max the "Gorillaface," her mother's new boyfriend. Amber doesn't want to meet him. If he's around, she worries about how her parents will ever get back together.

Can Amber get out of trouble, get her room clean, and manage not to meet Max?

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Give the girl a little credit. But how will she succeed? Review by Booklist Review Gr.


Upset about her parents' divorce and her mother's growing friendship with Max, Amber has trouble getting her schoolwork done. Though this sounds like a typical "problem novel," it's an Amber Brown book as well, full of humor arising from Amber's fresh point of view.

Written in the first person, with a good ear for dialogue, the story offers believable characters, adults as well as children.

Amber brown book report

Danziger skillfully weaves the emotional threads into the fabric of a fourth-grader's everyday life. From the colorful jacket to the drawings throughout the book, Tony Ross' expressive and sometimes comical illustrations capture the spirit of the story. The last chapter, a progress report from Amber's teacher, closes with the words "I look forward to watching her progress for the rest of the year.

The girl learns that since she has not handed in her original assignments, she doesn't qualify. She realizes she needs to work hard on her upcoming projects so her mother won't find out about her poor performance. Paralleling this school situation is the fact that Amber is coping with her parents' divorce.

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Holt is going to LOVE this book too. "I hope no one else gives this to . Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon has 4, ratings and reviews. Eliza said: Every Amber Brown book was my sanctuary as a child.I've read every one, and I /5.

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