Cdr auto transport business plan

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Cdr auto transport business plan

Create a domain user account or enterprise cdr auto transport business plan for the technician who will install and activate the Survivable Branch Appliance at the branch site.

Install, and activate the Survivable Branch Appliance. At the branch site: Start the Survivable Branch Appliance. Join the Survivable Branch Appliance to the domain, using the domain user account created for the Survivable Branch Appliance at the central site.

Branch site resiliency requirements This topic will help you to prepare users for branch-site resiliency and voice mail survivability, and also specifies the relevant hardware and software requirements.

Registrar Assignments for Branch Users Regardless of which branch-site resiliency solution you choose, you will need to assign a primary Registrar to each user. Branch site users should always register with the Registrar at the branch site, regardless of whether that Registrar resides in the Survivable Branch Appliance, Survivable Branch Server, or stand-alone Skype for Business Server Standard or Enterprise Edition server.

If the Survivable Branch Appliance becomes unavailable, this is how branch site clients will automatically discover the backup Registrar. This policy should include a primary route that uses the Survivable Branch Appliance or branch server gateway, and one or more backup routes that use a trunk with a public switched telephone network PSTN gateway at the central site.

cdr auto transport business plan

If the primary route is unavailable, the backup route that uses one or more central site gateways is used instead.

This way, regardless of where a user is registered—on the branch site Registrar or the backup Registrar pool at the central site—the user's VoIP policy is always in effect. This is an important consideration for failover scenarios. For example, if you need to rename the Survivable Branch Appliance or reconfigure the Survivable Branch Appliance to connect to a backup Registrar pool at the central site, then you must move branch site users to the central site for the duration.

Managing a Survivable Branch Appliance in the Deployment documentation. If those users do not have user-level VoIP policies or user-level dial plans, when the users are moved to another site, the site-level VoIP policies and site-level dial plans of the central site apply to the users by default, instead of the branch site site-level VoIP policies and dial plans.

In this scenario, unless the site-level VoIP policies and site-level dial plans used by the backup Registrar pool can also apply to the branch site users, their calls will fail.

Important When you create a branch office backup route, we recommend that you add two PSTN phone usage records to the branch office user policy and assign separate routes to each one. The first, or primary, route would direct calls to the gateway associated with the Survivable Branch Appliance SBA or branch server; the second, or backup, route would direct calls to the gateway at the central site.

In directing calls, the SBA or branch server will attempt all routes assigned to the first PSTN usage record before attempting the second usage record.

To help ensure that inbound calls to branch site users will reach those users when the branch gateway or the Windows component of the Survivable Branch Appliance site is unavailable which would happen, for example, if the Survivable Branch Appliance or branch gateway were down for maintenancecreate a failover route on the gateway or work with your Direct Inward Dialing DID provider to redirect incoming calls to the backup Registrar pool at the central site.

From there, the calls will be routed over the WAN link to branch users. Be sure that the route translates numbers to comply with the PSTN gateway or other trunk peer's accepted phone number formats. For details about creating a failover route, see Configuring a Failover Route.

Also create service-level dial plans for the trunk associated with the gateway at the branch site to normalize incoming calls.

Central site resiliency

If you have two Survivable Branch Appliances at a branch site, you can create a site-level dial plan for both unless a separate service-level plan for each is necessary. Note To account for the consumption of central site resources by any branch site users that rely on the central site for presence, conferencing, or failover, we recommend that you consider each branch site user as if the user were registered with the central site.

There are currently no limits on the number of branch site users, including users registered with a Survivable Branch Appliance.

We also recommend that you create a user-level dial plan and voice policy, and then assign it to branch site users. Routing Extension Numbers When preparing dial plans and voice policies for branch site users, be sure to include normalization rules and translation rules that match the strings and number format used in the msRTCSIP-line or Line URI attribute, so that Skype for Business calls enabled between branch site users and central site users will be routed correctly—particularly when calls must be rerouted over the PSTN because the WAN link is unavailable.

Additionally, there are special considerations for dialed numbers that include extension numbers, rather just phone numbers. Normalization rules and translations rules that match Line URIs that contain an extension number, whether exclusively or in addition to a full E.

This section describes several example scenarios to route calls for Line URIs with an extension number.Happy new year everyone!


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