Crest whitestrips

Certain medications, notably tetracycline, also discolor teeth, says Gennaro Cataldo, a Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine professor of general dentistry. But is the bite to your wallet worth it?

Crest whitestrips

On this page we cover: How to perform individual treatments. How often are they used? What activities can you do while wearing them? Possible solutions for uneven whitening.

Steps to take when terminating your treatment session. Part 1 of our directions outlines how to get ready to perform treatments and how to place the strips. A How long should you leave Crest whitestrips strips on? Once you have your strips positioned, your bleaching session has begun.

So, take a look at your clock and start timing. As you can see in the table below, times range from 5 minutes all of the way up to 2 hours. Many WhiteStrips products are worn for 30 minutes. A part of this difference is due to the fact that whitening strip products can vary substantially in the concentration of peroxide that their whitener contains.

And that means staying within your product's guidelines is not just a "best results" but also a safety and side effects issue too.


In all cases, you must refer to the instructions that have come with your specific product for directions about how long and how often your strips should be worn.

Additional product selections are shown at the bottom of this page. Products, as well as product names and versions, can change so be sure to check your instructions. You can always wear your strips for less time. The treatment times stated above are the maximum duration your strips should be left on.

You can always wear your strips less. For example, you might do so as a way of managing side effects. The trade-off is that you'll get less whitening effect per strip. And that means to reach the same whitening endpoint, you'll have to purchase additional product.

Number of treatment sessions. We discuss this topic in greater detail below. What happens if you miss a session? Missing one of your treatment sessions is of no concern, whether it's one complete day's, or a day's second application. The whitening results you do ultimately get does depend on the total number of treatments you perform, so you will need to make any missed one s up.

But whether you complete your whitening process precisely as prescribed, or just somewhat close to it, will make no difference. B What activities can you do while performing your treatments? You can do pretty much anything you want while your strips are in place, so long as it doesn't dislodge them.

For obvious reasons, you shouldn't smoke or eat while performing treatments. Drinking doesn't make an especially great choice either. Wearing your strips during times when you'll need to do a lot of speaking, especially in public, might be problematic. You'll just have to experiment.

You should not wear strips when you sleep.

Crest whitestrips

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