Dos and donts union

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Dos and donts union

What can I post on our Association bulletin board in the faculty lounge?

Dos and donts union

Can we hold a meeting to discuss political issues after school? What about signature gathering? Here is a short guide to help you look at the many ways you can do political organizing at school. Dos Do distribute hand-to-hand, during non-work hours, Association newsletters containing articles of a political or legislative nature or other political materials, or post such materials on Association bulletin boards.

Do ask members to sign up to volunteer time in support of candidate, initiative or levy campaigns, provided you do so during off-duty times.

Do discuss and distribute political or legislative materials, including initiative petitions, at Association meetings if they are held on off-duty times.

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Do wear campaign buttons, and display bumper stickers or signs in your cars. Dos and donts union signs and buttons must be removed on election days only if your school is a polling place.

Do discuss candidates, levies, initiatives or legislative issues during off-duty times. Do call your legislator during off-duty hours, but only if you use your own, personal cell phone. Do e-mail your legislator during off-duty hours, but only using your own, personal computer and e-mail address.

Do collect employees home e-mail addresses and send e-mail from home to home e-mail addresses regarding candidate, levy, bond or initiative campaigns or legislative information.

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Do not use school phones or computers to call voters on behalf of a candidate, initiative or levy campaign. Do not post political materials on your Association bulletin board unless it is located in the faculty lounge. Do not use work time or computers to campaign on behalf of a candidate, initiative or levy.

Do not invite a candidate to speak to members during on-duty times. Do not use school mailboxes or e-mail to distribute legislative information or information regarding levy, bond or initiative campaigns. Political or legislative materials should be hand-delivered to members outside of work time.

Do not use work computers, e-mail addresses or telephones to contact legislators. Use home computers, personal e-mail addresses and personal telephones to contact legislators. The school district must allow the use of its rooms for political meetings on the same terms and conditions as for non-political meetings.

Despite many attempts to clarify through the courts in order to protect members' First Amendment rights, the PDC believes you may not use mailboxes or e-mail to distribute any candidate, levy, initiative, or legislative information.

The PDC may seek enforcement action against individuals if a complaint is filed. If you follow the recommendations as set out in this document, the WEA will represent and defend you in order to preserve your First Amendment rights.

Proudly powered by Weebly.DON'T act more concerned about your own welfare than anything else. Your success will come through the success of your team. "Self-serving detectors" are also very well-tuned in most employees. Union-Organizing Techniques Demands for recognition and claims of majority support Employee visits and cell formation Union “salts” Offsite employee social events (i.e., union-sponsored happy hour) Invitations to employer to debate or attend union meetings Hand billing and informational picketing (area standards) Rallying behind employees during major adverse event.

Labor Day marked the beginning of the "serious" election season.

Dos and donts union

In , I posted on dos and don'ts for employers, but many of my old recommendations aren't going to work in today's labor law's an updated guide to help employers and their employees survive to November 8, and beyond, which I think will comply with the latest positions of the National Labor Relations Board.

By John Gilbert. On March 18, , the General Counsel of the NLRB issued a report providing guidance to employers regarding handbook rules which violate Section 8(a)(1) of the NLRA as well as specimen policies which don’t violate the Act in the General Counsel’s opinion.

For almost years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

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