Essay on terrorist attack in india

Terrorism in India Synopsis: Terrorism has become worldwide phenomenon with its many faces and manifestations.

Essay on terrorist attack in india

Global Terrorist Organizations Contents: There exist many different definitions of terrorism, but terrorism most commonly includes these elements: Use of premeditated, politically motivated violence or the threat of violence; Targeting noncombatants; Being a non-state actor; Absence of a state of war specifically conventional warfarethus excluding war crimes; Taking actions designed to coerce, frighten, or "send a message" to the public or a government thus excluding organized crime performed for personal gain.

The organizations listed on this page have verifiably used or attempted to use terrorist tactics, by the above criteria.

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Self-identification as a "terrorist" group is not required. This page does not condone, support or endorse violence or any of these groups which are listed below.

Essay on terrorist attack in india

Groups are listed regardless of political or religious orientations. This page is intended purely for study and research purposes.

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Iraq, Middle East, Europe Strength: Carried out terrorist attacks in 20 countries, killing or injuring almost persons. Iraq, Lebanon, Libya Strength: A few hundred plus limited overseas support structure.

The rebels subsequently released 20 hostages in exchange for food. The group of three men and five women were working for a cosmetics company when they were abducted in the town of Patikul.It's true China is booming, Russia is growing more assertive, terrorism is a threat.

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But if America is losing the ability to dictate to this new world, it has not lost the ability to lead. Terrorism in India, according to the Home Ministry, poses a significant threat to the people of India.

Terrorism found in India includes ethno-nationalist terrorism, religious terrorism, left . Counterterrorism in India. The group is blamed for some of the most high-profile terrorist attacks in India, including the July 11, bombing of the Mumbai commuter rail.

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Causal analysis essays answer the question, "Why?" Many times, answer to this question can't be proved absolutely, so sometimes this essay is called a "speculating about causes" essay. India has been accused by the Government of Pakistan of funding, supporting and arming designated anti-state terrorist or militant groups in Pakistan, as well of having direct involvement or links in many terrorist attacks inside the country, throughout multiple occasions in history.

The most brutal 9/11 terrorist attack in the USA, Paris Attack on November 13, , serial attacks in Pakistan, Westminster attack (London)March 22, , etc are the example of major terrorist attacks that have snatched thousands of innocent lives in this decade.

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