Handwriting analysis personality pdf to excel

What is handwriting analysis?

Handwriting analysis personality pdf to excel

Graphology is the art of studying and analysing handwriting, a scientific method used to determine a person s personality by evaluating various features from the handwriting. The prime features of handwriting such as the page margins, the slant of the alphabets, the baseline etc.

To make this method more efficient and reliable, introduction of machines to perform the feature extraction and mapping to various personality traits can be done. This compliments the graphologists, and also increases the speed of analysing handwritten samples.

Various approaches can be used for this type of computer aided graphology. In this paper, a novel approach of machine learning technique to implement the automated handwriting analysis tool is discussed. Handwriting analysts also known as graphologists can examine an individual s handwriting to predict the personality traits of the writer.

Automated handwriting analysis can be used to examine personal traits of candidates during interviews accurately as the accuracy of an analyst highly depends on his skill set. Also hiring a graphologist to analyze hundreds of samples for recruitment purpose will be time consuming and not be feasible economically.

This work discusses about a method for analysing real world handwritten text samples with the aid of technology. The analysis is done for specific features of the sample for determining various characteristic behavioural traits of the person.

Various parameters of the handwritten sample like Margin, Baseline, T-bar and Slant will be taken into consideration to determine corresponding traits [1]. The proposed tool will compliment the graphologists to increase their speed and efficiency in the analysis process.

Machine learning approach like KNN with incremental learning, will be implemented to improve the efficiency of the tool. The first book to document these methods was written almost years ago by Camilo Baldi.

Known as the father of graphology, Camilo Baldi, who was an Italian doctor of medicine and philosophy, performed systematic observations on handwriting samples in the year Since then, very detailed and extensive studies have been performed in this field. There are more than documented studies of handwriting analysis till date.

Shrihari and two others from the Center of Excellence for document analysis and recognition gave a lot of insights which led to the progress in the field of Computer Aided Graphology [3]. This paper focuses only at the prime features of a page of handwritten sample that are page margins, line spacing, line direction, slant and zone ratios.

To do this, the methodology used is scanning, preprocessing, feature extraction, analysis and finally, trait determination. This system was mainly designed to prove the validity of the graphology rules that were applied in the implementation of the system.

This paper restricts its scope to macro analysis of the handwriting sample. There are no micro features like alphabet, loops etc. Another paper discusses about computer aided graphology which intends to reduce the human intervention needed to perform trained analysis on the handwriting input sample.

The features like margin, baseline, size and zones have been extracted through image processing and an approximate analysis of the personality trait has been given. These traits are then mapped to existing theories to determine a final personality type and generate a report for the same.

This work 40 2 includes limited physical features of handwriting. Additional perspective can be provided by using approaches like Natural Language Processing which can improve the efficiency of the system [4].

A paper based on artificial neural network explores the implementation of a machine learning approach in the field of handwriting analysis. This paper proposed a method to predict the personality traits of a person by analyzing the baseline, pen pressure and the letter t as found in the individual s handwriting sample.

These extracted features are then given as an input to the artificial neural network which in turn gives output as personality trait to the user.The Karohs International School of Handwriting Analysis®provides more than a dozen handwriting analysis books and ebook for learning graphology, effective analysis writing and marketing your business.

Therefore handwriting analysis is a great help for a counsellor. When a handwriting is too variant or too exact that will be of interest to a graphologist and a counsellor.

handwriting analysis personality pdf to excel

MB Free Graphology is a free graphology or handwriting analysis initiativeblog.com is an advanced yet simple and handy program that helps you to understand the significance of your handwriting. This program also helps a person understand his personality. May 12,  · Forensic Handwriting Analysis.

Forensic handwriting analysis differs from graphology, the latter of which is often used to provide insight into a person’s psychology or personality using an understanding of differing handwriting styles. By contrast, forensic analysis compares a sample of writing against a piece of writing with a known origin or initiativeblog.com: Theresa Edwards.

32 Handwriting Paper free download. Download free printable Handwriting Paper samples in PDF, Word and Excel formats. Accuracy of handwriting analysis depends on the skills of the graphologists. But manual process of handwriting analysis is costly and prone to fatigue.

Hence the proposed methodology focuses on developing a tool for behavior analysis which can predict the personality traits automatically with the help of .

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