How do i find a girl to date

Controversy[ edit ] Anthropologist Helen Fisher in What happens in the dating world can reflect larger currents within popular culture.

How do i find a girl to date

The post was made to address what girls do wrong. Before reading the following list, I implore you: Just take a healthy step back and realize how something that you may be doing well may actually be something other girls are doing wrong.

Not a singular friend, mind you, but the existence of nice guys out there. The real problem here is what commenter Guai Zi Zhao said: For these girls, niceness is a platonic ideal but not a requisite for dating a guy.

If you want a nice guy, put it as a priority. Boys, the same applies to us. Look for her instead of hoping that one will fall from the sky 2.

Unrealistic expectations It happens. Blame the media, society, your family, peer pressure or whatever. The advice here is to learn to separate fact from fiction. What we see in TV, ads and movies is a constructed, artificial reality, tailored to be funny and attractive.

Life is never that clear-cut. Life is imperfect and living beings are perfectly imperfect. Know yourself and love yourself. This is the most fundamental thing to do. Chances are, your body, your wallet and your skills are not equal to what you see out there.

There are things you can change about yourself to become a better person, but even those have a limit. Know your limits and push them if doing so will make you a better person.

Adjusting your own expectations will help miles in your expectations of others.

How do i find a girl to date

This one is the same for boys and girls. You end up with a fixer upper This one ties in a lot with the previous point. People will never be perfect and expecting so will only lead to unnecessary disappointment. Even though Hollywood wants us to believe it, love is not magic. Loving someone will not automatically save or fix him or her.

Love is not a magic pill that makes everything better. Love does mean caring for someone else as much as you care for yourself or even more. Love means wanting him or her to be a better person, but not a perfect one.

Love means wanting the best for someone else and helping him or her go through the good times and the bad. Wow, apparently this one applies to boys and girls as well. You equate asshole personalities with masculinity Remember that talk about expectations?

Lots of heroes in the media are assholes.

What To Say To a Girl You Want to Date

Lots of asshole characteristics are praised. I wish I was making this up. Many girls think that love will somehow erase the bad things about an asshole and leave only the good ones. Many girls see in a stereotypical macho man a guy who is secure about himself, willing to defend and protect his girl and someone who gets what he wants; but more often than not these are the result of insecurities about himself see: The story of a single mom who was abandoned by her former boyfriend.

This one applies to the boys as well! If you want the kind of guy who is craving attention from everyone by being loud and having his shirt half unbuttoned, then go for him.

Love, Teach: Don't Date a Girl Who Teaches

If you want a guy that enjoys a quiet drink at a jazz bar, go to a jazz bar. Of course, priorities are different for everyone and they all must be based in realistic expectations.

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How do i find a girl to date

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