Hr restructuring the coca cola

To view more free cases, please visit our site at frequent intervals. Two new companies, Coca-Cola India, the corporate and marketing office, and Coca-Cola Beverages were the result of the merger. The merger brought with it over 10, employees to Coca-Cola, doubling the number of employees it had in

Hr restructuring the coca cola

This was done to cover up the losses incurred wrong estimations such as reductions of excise duties leading to over estimations of volumes in the Indian Market, which never happened.

Dabur is a year old Ayurvedi and Pharmaceutical Company. The Burman Family is the major stock holder in the company. Their vision was to become the best FMCG company by and to take the annual turnover to 20 billion Rs. The Company was lacking in significant areas.

Net Working Capital for Dabur was 2. Hindustan Coca-cola Bottling north east, 2. Bharat Coca-cola bottling South East.

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The merger brought with it over 10, employees to Coca-Cola, doubling the number of employees it had in A massive restructuring exercise focusing on the company's human resources to ensure a smooth acceptance of the merger.

Country was divided into six regions as against the initial three, based on consumer preferences. Each region had a separate head Regional General Managerwho had the regional functional managers reporting to him.

An Area General Manager acts as the head, vested with profit-centre responsibility. All the functional heads reported to the Area General Manager. Coca-Cola also declared VRS at the bottling plants, which was used by about employees. The merger carried forward employees from different work cultures and different value systems.

This move towards regionalization caused dilution of several central jobs, with as many as employees retiring at the bottling plants.

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This new line of control strengthened entry and middle-level jobs at the regions and downgraded many at the centre, which led to unrest among the employees and about 40 junior and middle-level managers and some senior personnel including Ravi Deoi, Head Capability Services and Sunil Sawhney, Head Northen Operationsleft the company.

The company also decided not to buy or hire new cars, as it felt that the existing fleet of cars was not being used efficiently. In the drive for 'optimum utilization of existing resources,' Coca-Cola decided against buying a Rs 50 crore property in Gurgaon and it also surrendered a substantial part of its rented office space in Gurgaon, near Delhi.

Officials felt that this was justified because a lot of officials had moved out of the Delhi headquarters due to the localization. Moreover, this was necessitated by the resignations and sackings.

Salaries were also restructured as part of this cost-reduction drive. Coca-Cola began benchmarking itself with other major Indian companies, whereas it was offering pay packages in line with international standards.

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Coca-Cola also realigned some jobs based on the employee's talent and potential. The company's problems were far from over. The team inspected all offices, godowns, bottling plants and depots of Jammu, Kanpur, Najibabbad, Varanasi and Jaipur.

Hr restructuring the coca cola

The findings revealed that the North Indian team had violated discounting terms and the credit policy, apart from being unfair in cash dealings.

The team was giving discounts that were five times higher than those given in the other regions of the country. There were also unexplained cancellations and re-appointments of dealerships.

Coca-Cola carried out a performance appraisal exercise for managers. This led to resignations en masse. Coca-Cola also sacked some employees in its drive to overhaul the HR functioning.Our Products.

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Coca-Cola reported an increase in case-volume by 9% after restructuring.

Hr restructuring the coca cola

the performance-oriented compensation. the company's future business prospects were termed excellent by analysts.

with the restructuring moves in place by the late s. Dabur's sales increased to Rs ICMR regularly updates the list of free cases. To view more free cases, please visit our site at frequent intervals. Today's organizations are as complex as the global strategiesthey are designed to support.

The right organization design is acompetitive advantage as companies expand their reach into emergingmarkets and attempt to channel scarce resources away fromyesterday's priorities into innovation and new growthopportunities. RESTRUCTURING THE MESS The Coca-Cola Way CocaIn , following the merger of Coca-Cola s four , Cocabottling operations, human resources issues gained significance at the company.

Two new companies Coca-Cola India, and Coca-Cola CocaCocabeverages were the result of 1/5(1).

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