Ironman by chris crutcher notes

Plot summary[ edit ] The story takes place in Spokane, Washington where Beauregard Bo Brewster lives with his mother and younger brother Jordan. Motivated by years of power struggles with his father, the teenager trains vigorously for the Yukon Jack Ironman Triathlon while attending anger management sessions and writing letters to Larry King about his experiences. Bo wants to participate in the Yukon Jack, a biking-running-swimming triathlon.

Ironman by chris crutcher notes

Following angry outbursts at his football coach and English teacher that have cost him his spot on the football team and moved him dangerously close to expulsion from school, he turns to the only adult he believes will listen: In his letters to Larry, Bo describes his quest for excellence on his own terms.

No more coaches for me, he tells the talk show icon, no more dads.

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I'm going to be a triathlete, an Ironman. Nak's before-school Anger Management group which he initially believes to be populated with future serial killers and freeway snipersBo meets a hard-edged, down-on-their-luck pack of survivors with stainless steel shields against the world that Bo comes to see are not so different from his own.

It is here he meets and falls in love with Shelly, a future American Gladiator, whose passion for physical challenge more than matches his.

Ironman is a funny, sometimes heartbreaking story about growing up in the heart of struggle. It is about standing up, getting knocked down, and standing up again. It is about being heard--and learning to listen.

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Reviews "[Crutcher is] a terrific storyteller with a wonderful handle on what it's like to be an adolescent. Ironman is a combination of the psychological and the sports novel at their Ironman (): Chris Crutcher: Books. Interesting Finds Updated Daily.

Amazon Try Prime Books I had to read this for school and I bought the kinde version so I could take notes as I read.

Ironman by chris crutcher notes

If it had have been my choice I would have never even picked this book up. Read more. Published on December 15, /5(61). Ironman by Chris Crutcher.

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Hardback available at Half Price Books® Essay about Ironman by Chris Crutcher because it seemed relatable. It seemed like an interesting book, one that I could relate to myself, I think that all teenagers could relate to this.

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Ironman By: Chris Crutcher In the novel Ironman, there are many themes that surround the basic concept of the theme that stands out the most is making the right decisions and choices and the future effects that these decisions could possibly have. Ironman by Chris Crutcher is about a kid named Bo Brewster who first gets in trouble with his football coach and English teacher.

They got in a huge argument and the teacher said the only way Bo could be in his class is if he went to Mr. Nak's anger management class.

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