Jade peony

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Jade peony

Jade peony

A Reunion with the Mother The Proclamation of the Results The Happy Tidings Characters[ edit ] There are about odd characters in the play and 30 of main characters are vividly represented, [4] especially: Du Liniang is a sixteen-year-old young lady, daughter of Jade peony Bao.

The play's female protagonist. Liu Mengmei is a young scholar, Du Liniang's lover. The play's male protagonist. Du Bao is a court official, father of Du Liniang. Chunxiang is a maid to Du Liniang. Chen Zuiliang is a Confucian follower, who failed imperial examinations for fifteen times in his life, and later became Du Liniang's tutor.

Sister Stone is the pivotal role in Du Liniang's revival and facilitates this young couple's happy union in the end. Interpretation and Criticism[ edit ] Script and Its Staging[ edit ] Albeit conventional in its narrative structure, notably for its deus ex machina ending, The Jade peony Pavilion features highly refined and subtle lyrics and is hailed as a high point in Chinese literature.

Aided by the then newly developed Kun music, the lyrical proses of the play weave a fabric of nuances and metaphors that elegantly transgresses the divide between the beauty of nature and man's inner cosmos of emotions and desires.

Through the lights and shadows of its lyrical fabric transpire a ravishing sensitivity and Jade peony effeteness and, almost antithetically, a persistent tone of youthful optimism.

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The magic of the play's language quickly carries the audience to a unique experience of literary and musical pleasure. It offers a banquet of metaphors, a dance of the imagination and most of all, a celebration of sensitivity.

For this reason it sets the measure for all later Kun operas. From untilthe year Tang passed away, the Peony Pavilion was always performed with whole scenes onstage. Due to the unique of its lyrics, rhythm, ancient style prose written, the translation became a daunting challenge for literature scholars and theatre practitioners.

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Besides, recent adaptations have sought to inject new life, such as more accessible scripts for modern audience, new choreography or new theatrical technologies, into one of China's best-loved classical play, but since such efforts have met with opposition from the Kun opera traditionalists, to a certain degree, some scholars seriously critique them.

To keep its traditions or to make it modernized has become a controversial conversation in Chinese theatre. Humanism[ edit ] The play was widely acclaimed by the public and critics when it was first presented onstage, and it is also regarded as the Chinese version of " Romeo and Juliet ".

Through narrating a tortuous love story, Tang portrays an image of a young couple with a strong desire for democratic thoughts and individual emancipation, which evoked most audience empathy, especially women audiences, and regarded Du Liniang as their idol for free love. From the perspectives of psychoanalysis, the action of "A walk in the Garden" is the awakening of Du Liniang's suppressed urges and unacknowledged emotions, while the scene of "A Surprising Dream" is exactly her fantasy of sexual satisfaction.

Koch Theater, Lincoln Center, for four performances in early January. It was presented in 3 parts on consecutive evenings, each lasting 3 hours, though still much shorter than the original 20 hours. This production was rewritten and directed by Li Liuyichoreographed by Fei Bo, and the music was composed by Guo Wenjing.

InBai Xianyong 's youth edition of The Peony Pavilion aims to rejuvenate the traditional staging. Bai, a Chinese scholar at the University of California, Santa Barbaraand his colleagues - scholars and performers, some brought back from retirement - spent five months editing Tang's script.

Working out of the Jiangsu Suzhou Kunqu Theater, the group condensed and adapted the original fifty-five scenes to twenty-seven scenes, and twenty hours of performance time to nine.

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Bai, who had chosen The Peony Pavilion because of its universal message of love, hoped that his rendition would attract youth to Kunqu. In fact, in its tour of China's top universities, the show was marketed as the Youth Edition of Peony Pavilion.

According to Bai, the goal of this youth-oriented production was to "give new life to the art form, cultivate a new generation of Kunqu aficionados, and offer respect to playwright Tang and all the master artists that came before.

Recent adaptations of The Peony Pavilion and allusions in popular music have revived interest in Kunqu, an art form that had been in danger of disappearing into obscurity. This hour version was perhaps the first full-length staging in years. Also, a CD recording of this opera was released entitled "Bitter Love".

A selected translation in Russian by L. Menshkov in Oriental Classic Drama: India, China and Japan in Main complete translations in English: The music video features the artist, in modern clothes, superimposed on animated scenes.After having seen Detroit, which focuses on some really heavy history, I came across The Jade Pendant, which also focuses on some awful history, I was very moved by the amount of time we got to meet these characters, be interested in them and then fall in love.

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Jade peony

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