Of mice and men literary terms

Page Number and Citation: The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. His name is Candy. He says the boss was angry when they didn't show up last night.

Of mice and men literary terms

Hire Writer Despite there being so many, the migrant workers share similar characteristics. As the name might suggest, migrant workers migrated around the country in search of work on ranches.

When all of this work had been done and all of the crop planted and harvested, they would move on. Workers would get work by going into employment offices and getting a little slip.

Moving around a lot meant that the migrant workers could not hold down friendships. Leading them to become selfish and self-centered. They have developed a strong relationship over time, with George being the brains and Lennie the braun, with them both looking out for each other.

Reflecting the isolated loneliness they all feel. With finding friends being such a hard task, it should come as no surprise that permanent women were a rarity.

The migrant workers can do what they want to and move on, without any responsibilities or ties. The brothels to them were home substitutes where they could interact socially as you would in a house, sit, talk and generally relax. The migrant workers were so desperate for a home substitute because they are always constantly on the move.

This meant that the migrant workers had no real sense of home or family and no contact with them. They got no family. They got no place.Of Mice and Men - Literary Terms study guide by meller33 includes 17 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Preliminary Literary terms for Of Mice and Men All page number references are from the Penguin Books edition. Personification—Giving human traits (qualities, feelings, action, or characteristics) to non-living objects (things, colors, qualities, or ideas).

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State why Of Mice and Men is described as straight-realism, unlike The Glass Menagerie or Death of a Salesman. Three of the major works in American Literature – The Great Gatsby, Death of a Salesman, and Of Mice and Men – have The American Dream at the heart of their themes.

Of Mice and Men Literary Analysis Of Mice and Men is a novel about two men and their struggle to reach their dreams of owning their own ranch.

George Milton and Lennie Small are best friends, who despite of all their extremely difference personalities, but still manage to work together, travel together and get rid of anything that gets in.

Undeniably, Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, presents literary merit and should remain in the high school curriculum.

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Admittedly, the novel shows the mistreatment of minorities; however, the characters that Steinbeck has created exhibit the value of friendship.2/5(2). Published: Mon, 5 Dec John Steinbeck portrays in his novella Of Mice and Men the theme of loneliness.

In the novelette Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck writes about the Great Depression and how two friends, Lennie and George, stay together through this tough time.

Of mice and men literary terms
Of Mice and Men: Literary Devices