Putting my friends and my boyfriend in danger

Even if the reason we are fighting is my fault sometimes is it ok? He tells me i make him that way. He yells, swears, breaks things, gets in my face, does all these hand gestures, and then his parents wake up and get into our business.

Putting my friends and my boyfriend in danger

M Participant I broke up with my boyfriend of a year a few weeks ago. He is such a great guy and he was so wonderful to me but I just felt that something was missing. I gave it time and had been wrestling with myself over this for several months. Breaking up with him was the hardest thing I have ever done and he is devastated.

The guilt of hurting him is really hard to deal with. Logically, I know that I did the right thing.

Putting my friends and my boyfriend in danger

I started feeling claustrophobic and wanting freedom. Illogically, I find myself regretting that I ever broke it off with him, even though I actually felt empowered and really proud of myself immediately after, because it took me a while to find the courage to do it and it was SO HARD.

He is an awesome guy and was my closest friend for close to a year, so having him cut me out of his life really hurt. That really hurt and I cried for several days after, though of course I understood. I guess in retrospect our breakup had been kind of too easy up to that point.

I realize now that for me, our relationship was more of a close friendship than romantic. I am hopeful that we can reconnect as friends at some point in the future, but I know that this may not be possible because I really broke his heart.

I would love to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation. Has anyone ever broken up with a really wonderful guy before? Was it really hard? Are you friends now?

I know I need to just be patient right now but sometimes I feel so anxious and restless- is there anything I can do to make this situation less painful?? June 29, at 2: I would like to add a disclaimer to please forgive any punctuation errors as my goal here is to simply help if I can.

Congratulations on moving on to grad school that is going to take up a lot of your time.

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I would like to be the devils advocate here and also inspire you to take a look deep inside within yourself take time to write down your daily thoughts, breakdown pros and cons of this fellow and also write down a list of things that you would want qualities that you would want to have in your future life partner, whether or not he is intelligent, family orientedect.

First things first we must take care of you and your anxiety and unsettled heart you are the most important part of this equation, you matter!!! It sounds like you really do care for this person and he knows that whether or not you believe it he does, he just needs time to deal with the emotions of it.

Is much older than me I never expected it to go this far but it did.

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Everything will turn out alright. Feel free to contact me if you wish and thank you for letting me share my opinions and experiences…Best of luck and take care Yours Truly.I ended my relationship with my schizophrenic boyfriend of four years a few months ago.

He stopped wanting help towards the end of our relationship and got more violent and I had to focus on my own mental health at the time and my well being. I'm now in my 50's and really regret breaking up with my non-Jewish boyfriend all those many years ago.

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Danger Signs of Possessive Relationships. by ANNA GREEN June 13, Anna Green. He might become angry or upset when you socialize with friends, family or co-workers. Along with this, he may accuse you of cheating or be suspicious of innocent behaviors such as sending an email or a text message.

Maintain my current weight; Lose Founded: Jun 17, He could also have an alcoholic problem which may get worse and there is the danger to his health, excessive alcohol damages the liver and other organs.

Anyway it is up to you, have you other friends who are there for you and to whom you can turn as you do need some assistance to deal with him and with your feelings. Oct 16,  · Re: My boyfriend has anger issues If your boyfriend is unable to realize that he has a serious problem and if he is not willing to try and fix it with the help of medicine, psychotherapy, support groups or whatever, then I agree that you should leave him before it is too late.

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