The importance of a close friendship in the novel of mice and men

General definitions[ edit ] Romantic love is a relative term[ when defined as? The addition of "drama" to relationships of close, deep and strong love[ clarify ].

The importance of a close friendship in the novel of mice and men

The majority of migrant workers are lonely individuals and do not have close relationships with other people. Most migrant workers live isolated lives and struggle to make ends meet on their own. In contrast, George and Lennie enjoy their close friendship and rely on each other for company and protection.

George and Lennie's friendship is unique and special because they are close companions, traveling the country looking for employment as migrant workers.

While George makes the decisions and is considered the leader, Lennie provides George with much-needed company and amusement. Their contrasting personalities and abilities also balance their relationship.

While George is smarter and more intelligent, Lennie is physically gifted and can lift more weight than most men combined. Lennie is also somebody whom George can trust. Both George and Lennie understand that each has the other's best interests in mind, and they both provide each other with hope for a better future.

George and Lennie also continually discuss their dream of one day owning their own homestead, which allows them to briefly escape their harsh realities.Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck is a touching novel that reaches deep into our hearts.

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Of Mice and Men Friendship Quotes

In this passage, George explains their friendship, which forms the heart of the work. In Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck idealizes male friendships, suggesting that they are the most dignified and satisfying way to overcome the loneliness that pervades the world.

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The importance of a close friendship in the novel of mice and men
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